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Sequent’s regulatory function encompasses a multifaceted approach to addressing key federal and state matters which impact the Company’s trading, asset management and origination functions. A major driver of the regulatory function involves the advancement and defense of Sequent’s interests on issues before the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) and various state regulatory agencies.

The regulatory fuction also works to ensure that Sequent’s principal business units remain informed of important regulatory activities and industry initiatives sourced by a range of entities within the marketplace and at the government level.

As a practical matter, the regulatory group functions to:

  • Facilitate compliance with federal and state regulations;
  • Provide education and communication regarding regulatory procedures and objectives;
  • Monitor and analyze key federal and state regulatory activities and represent company positions in proceedings before FERC and state agencies;
  • Develop and promote Sequent as an industry leader in the regulatory arena; and
  • Promote communications and establish working relationships with federal and state regulators, as well as key industry organizations.

Sequent Energy Management
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