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Information Systems and Technology

Sequent Energy Management’s Information Systems and Technology team works in partnership with the commercial and other business support groups at Sequent to ensure that the information necessary to manage, control, monitor, track, and account for Sequent’s business activities is readily available. The IS&T team develops, maintains and supports all of the trading and risk management systems that serve as the information foundation for Sequent’s business.

IS&T team members partner with Sequent’s business personnel in various roles:

  • Business analysts play a role as both business experts in various disciplines (trading, risk management, gas scheduling, volume actualization, and gas accounting), and as experts in Sequent’s trading and risk management systems.
  • Application developers play a key technical role in systems development, support, and maintenance by building new applications, developing new reports, and automating processes to insure that Sequent continuously improves its information capabilities.
  • Technical support personnel serve as IS&T customer representatives in ensuring that all the business personnel have the technology and system and network access necessary to perform their functions.

Sequent Energy Management
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