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Sequent Energy Management’s experienced accounting team is part of the “back-office” operations. These functions support the commercial activities of the organization by providing timely and accurate billing and payments to customers and suppliers, maintaining accurate books and records, and analyzing and explaining business results to the company’s leadership and the financial community. The accounting team is responsible for the following functions, critical to the on-going success of the organization:

  • Financial accounting and reporting professionals maintain the financial books and records, provide periodic financial statements and financial reporting, coordinate with internal and external auditors, develop periodic budgets and forecasts, and prepare presentations to explain business results to internal and external parties.
  • Settlements professionals invoice our customers for all physical and financial transactions, reconcile and resolve pricing and volumetric discrepancies and coordinate with the corporate Treasury group to ensure that the appropriate funds are sent to or received from our suppliers and customers on a monthly basis.
  • Volume Actualization professionals are responsible for reconciling all volumetric activity in Sequent’s Energy Trading and Risk Management system to actual pipeline statements, resolving unaccounted for volumes and ensuring that funds are disbursed appropriately to settle all transportation invoices from our pipeline counterparties on a monthly basis.
  • Asset management professionals handle the unique challenges of accounting for complex asset management transactions and ensure that timely and accurate filings are made available to the appropriate regulatory agencies.

Sequent Energy Management has assembled a diverse, talented and experienced team of industry professionals committed to providing industry leading levels of accurate and timely financial information to our suppliers, customers, regulating entities, and the financial community in support of Sequent’s existing agreements and its continued growth.

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