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Trading and Optimization

Delivering efficient execution of physical and financial products in locations across North America, Sequent Energy Management is a leader in wholesale natural gas trading. The trading floor, located in Houston, Texas, meets the challenges presented by an ever-changing market by providing expertise that creates value and mitigates risk for our customers. 

  • Average daily sales more than 8 Bcf/d
  • Exclusive fuel manager for 25,000+ MW of gas-fired power generation
  • 150 physical and logistical experts 24/7 availability on 140 North American interstate pipelines for all intra-day gas cycles
  • Asset manager that partners with multiple utilities, power generators and producers nationwide
  • Customer service excellence from utility roots of reliability and communication
  • Top 7 U.S. natural gas marketer (by volume) – and top gas provider for spot power generation fuel market
  • #1 capacity release trader in U.S. – acquired an average of 5.8Bcf/d last year as reported by Capacity Center®

Sequent Energy Management
Two Allen Center
1200 Smith Street
Houston, TX 77002

Phone: 832.397.1700
Toll-free: 1.866.581.8074
Fax: 832.397.3713