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Risk Management Services

Price protection.
Security of supply.
Backup supply.
Inventory management.

The complexity and volatility of America's energy markets create opportunities for businesses, but also risks. When Sequent Energy Management manages risk, locking in the best price is only a starting point. We help companies analyze and make productive decisions about the rest of the critical issues:

  • Is deliverability assured?
  • What backup plan has been considered?
  • Are there opportunities to benefit if the price goes up?
  • Can adjustments be made to take advantage of new lower prices if the price goes down?
  • Is there an opportunity to switch fuel sources?

Sequent also brings to the task thorough understanding of how the tools of arbitrage, hedging, options, futures trading, contract flexibility, and alternative fuel choice can be used effectively to manage the dual risks all large energy users face: supply availability and acceptable prices.

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