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Sequent Energy Management’s structuring group performs key analytical valuations in the area of natural gas transportation, natural gas storage, asset management, and deal acquisition transactions. The structuring group analyzes all value and risk components associated with natural gas-based transactions and provides risk-reward analysis on incoming deals.

The structuring group reviews incoming deals and coordinates deal analysis by obtaining input from other groups within the company for a consolidated, coordinated and consistent deal analysis. It interfaces with other departments as necessary to provide robust deal analysis. It performs independent analysis with the use of forward and historical market pricing and pipeline rate databases to deliver customer and asset portfolio-specific solutions.

The structuring group exercises commercial acumen and rigorous disciplined analysis to enhance Sequent’s service to our clients. It combines analytical skills in the area of transportation and storage arbitrage with state of the art financial engineering modeling to successfully support the wide range of energy risk management solutions that Sequent offers.

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