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Asset Management

Sequent's energy managers provide aggressive insight into the delicate art of balancing natural gas assets, therefore allowing us to take maximum advantage of market volatility, while preserving clients' future flexibility and optionality.

In short, we make our clients' natural gas, pipeline and storage assets work harder.

From wellhead to burner tip, Sequent can help its clients navigate the complex natural gas markets. Given the scope of the task, few energy users could be expected to maintain the specialized skills or access to markets required to optimize their energy assets. That is why they turn to Sequent's professionals.

Depending on a client's requirements, Sequent's activities may include:

  • Procurement or sale of significant volumes of natural gas or contracts for future delivery at various points along the supply chain
  • Access to capacity on premium pipelines and in the nation's natural gas storage fields, and the ability to use such access to create trading opportunities
  • An ability to harness for clients the tools of arbitrage, hedging, options, futures contracts and alternative fuel choices to maximize assets and minimize risks
  • Inventory management and peaking services with reasonable terms

Sequent Energy Management is built on the bedrock skills of managing natural gas assets for its clients via day-to-day wholesale marketing and trading activities. Sequent professionals eat, drink, sleep, breathe and live the energy markets.

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