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Corporate Organization | Sequent Energy Management

Part of a Proud Tradition

Rooted in the natural gas utility traditions of its 150-year-old parent company, Southern Company Gas (NYSE: SO), Sequent Energy Management was formed in 2001 to represent Southern Company Gas and its utility subsidiaries' needs in the complex national energy markets.

The marketplace has changed dramatically in subsequent years, but Sequent remains true to its founding principles of providing smart and trustworthy wholesale marketing services to its affiliates and other third parties in North America. In turn, Southern Company Gas and its subsidiaries provide Sequent with a strong financial grounding and asset base from which to operate. Southern Company Gas serves millions of utility customers through its regulated distribution subsidiaries in four states:

In today's natural gas marketplace, Southern Company Gas's strong financial posture is especially key to Sequent's ability to do business.

Sequent is about more than just making money. It is about providing trustworthy wholesale energy services to its sister subsidiaries and other local distribution companies, power generators, industrials and retail aggregation clients. It is a different kind of asset management company.

Nicor Enerchange
Nicor Enerchange is Sequent Energy Management's Illinois- based brand for providing Commercial & Industrial customers value-added natural gas procurement services. Founded in 1998, Nicor Enerchange continues to be a trusted wholesale natural gas supplier to the Midwest market. Expert staff provide outstanding customer support on tariffs and fundamentals of the gas market. Relationships with natural gas producers allows Nicor Enerchange to offer very competitive prices. For more information, visit

For more information on Southern Company Gas, visit