Management Team


Peter Tumminello


Peter Tumminello was named President of Sequent Energy Management in April 2010. As president, Mr. Tumminello leads all aspects of Sequent’s operations, including natural gas asset management, origination, trading and producer services, and support functions. He also is responsible for developing and implementing long-term growth plans for Sequent.


Brian Little

Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

More than 20 years experience in the accounting, auditing and finance profession.


Marshall Lang

Senior Vice President of Marketing

Marshall Lang brings 30 years of diversified experience spanning both regulated and non-regulated areas of the energy industry to his role as senior vice president of Marketing for Sequent Energy Management. During his career, Mr. Lang has held a number of start-up and key leadership positions.


Dat Tran

Associate General Counsel, Unregulated Businesses

Over 12 years of legal experience in the energy sector, specializing in commodities trading and marketing, mergers and acquisitions and project development


Ben Abramson

Vice President, Human Resources

Responsible for development of human resources programs and initiatives for AGL Resources’ non-regulated businesses. He also manages the administrative services group including communications, events, community relations and facilities.


Kelly Adams

Vice President Trading, East

Over 25 years energy industry experience. He leads the trading and transport in the East group, and scheduling function for Sequent.


Berney C. Aucoin

Vice President, Structure & Strategy

20 years of diversified industry experience, which entails structuring, marketing and business development in the natural gas and power sectors of our industry.

Mark Rueff

Mark E. Rueff

Vice President, Asset Management

More than 18 years in the natural gas industry, specializing in asset management, wholesale origination , marketing and business development.


Rhonda Pantoja

Vice President, Trading (West)

Ms. Pantoja brings more than 23 years of natural gas industry experience to her role.